Roadblock sequence

Just a bit of fun, after watching loads of car chases I was inspired to have a go for five days and see what could be achieved. I started the project with two unrigged car models, a rigged male dummy and a 1950’s theme. 



“Isles Of Wonder” Opening Ceremony – London 2012 Olympic Games


Above is a montage of some of the shots I previsulaised for Danny Boyle.
I was employed by Crystal CG and supervised by Union VFX’s Adam Gascoyne .
During the four months of winter 2010-11 (the one with loads of snow),
in a secure studio (no phones, no Ipods and no internet!)
I co-created a 25-minute pre-visualization CG film of the opening ceremony.
The film was used in presentations to various ‘top people’ including the Olympic committee and illustrated Danny’s plan for the opening ceremony.
I was responsible for the entire doves sequence and cooperatively with James Eisner, the “riverview” and “cauldron lighting sequence”.
Unfortunately due to the secrecy of the event only one copy was ever made and post the affair it promptly disappeared into a secret bunker at an undisclosed location.
So we will have to make do with the live shots instead – much to my chagrin. Which is a shame because we nailed it, we really did and it’s not often you get the opportunity to help on a project seen by 900 million people.


Me and the aforementioned snow.